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An overview of our drone consultancy service

07 April, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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As a part of our efforts to allow customers to get the most out of drone solutions and payloads, we offer a consultancy service to workshop, develop, implement, and refine ideas into real-world working solutions.


The first step in the consultancy process is workshopping a solution and ensuring it is well suited to the client’s requirements. During this time, we work closely with the client to figure out what is required and what the operating constraints are, from budget and training requirements to internal resourcing and capabilities.


Once the workshopping phase is over and the client is happy with what we have found, our team begins developing the solution into a physical product. During this process, we work with industry experts and manufacture development guidelines while always sticking to our ‘3Ts’ – our team, our tools, and our training expertise.


After working closely with the client workshopping and developing a solution, it’s now time to implement it. As a part of this step, we hand over processes and instructions, CASA certified training, the engagement of agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA), and the delivery of a solution ‘manual’ – a standard inclusion for any internal development.


Once we have workshopped a solution, developed it, and implemented it, we don’t stop. Our dedicated team will continue to refine the solution based on user feedback to ensure it continues to meet all the application requirements. The process of refining the solution is on-going and will always ensure the client is informed, educated, and trained on solution developments.

Get in touch with our friendly sales staff today if you want to learn more or are ready to go ahead with our consultancy services. If you are interested in more than just our repairs and maintenance services, check out the rest of our services:

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