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Acecore Technologies / Drones

Acecore Zoe

  • 40-minute flight time
  • 6kg payload
  • 4 Ace motors
  • True carbon fibre
  • 16km Datalink range
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Zoe’s aerodynamic dutch-design carbon fibre frame puts it in a class of its own. The way it doesn’t hang, but rather stand in the air makes it highly weatherproof. The Acecore Zoe is both wind and rain resistant which means it can operate at continuous wind speeds of 7 Beaufort/ 30 knots with rain up to 9mm/h.

The hollow arms generate an active airflow through the entire system and pulls hot air out of the motor mounts, away from the critical components. As a result, Zoe will operate at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius.


Designed with versatility in mind, Zoe’s body is modular and can easily be taken apart for hardware upgrades and customizations. The heatsink has several mounting points where additional gear can be secured, and the payload mount is configurable to allow for many third party payload integrations. 


Tethering Zoe to an Elistair Safe-T 2 station gives professionals access to unlimited flight times. At 80 meters height, Zoe can carry a payload of 2.7 kilograms like a Workswell WIRIS Security in a Gremsy S1 gimbal all day. 

In a tethered operation, Zoe can follow any moving vehicle autonomously- it will keep its position above the van, truck, UGV, boat or ATV that the Safe-T 2 and high accuracy RTK GPS is mounted to.

Leverage this autonomous vehicle follow me function for new applications such as convoy protection or car LiDAR scanning.


Although Acecore offers many of today’s most advanced payloads and setups as off-the-shelf products, we love doing custom projects: it’s what separates us from the rest. Acecore builds commercial/ military spec drones to your wishes so you can stand out in your field of work.

Let us know what camera, sensor, module or other hardware you need installed and our engineers will make it happen. 

CASA Know Your Drone

Rules for recreational drone operators

  • You must not fly your drone higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level.
  • You must keep your drone at least 30 metres away from other people.
  • You must only fly one drone at a time.
  • You must keep your drone within visual line-of-sight. This means always being able to see the drone with your own eyes (rather than through a device, screen or goggles).
  • You must not fly over or above people or in a populous area. This could include beaches, parks, events, or sport ovals where there is a game in progress.
  • Respect personal privacy. Don’t record or photograph people without their consent — this may breach other laws.
  • If your drone weighs more than 250 grams, you must fly at least 5.5 kilometres away from a controlled airport, which generally have a control tower at them.
  • Remember, you must not operate your drone in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property.
  • You must only fly during the day and you must not fly through cloud or fog.
  • You must not fly your drone over or near an area affecting public safety or where emergency operations are underway. This could include situations such as a car crash, police operations, a fire or firefighting efforts or search and rescue.
  • If you're near a helicopter landing site or smaller aerodrome without a control tower, you can fly your drone within 5.5 kilometres. If you become aware of manned aircraft nearby, you will have to manoeuvre away and land your drone as quickly and safely as possible.
  • If you intend to fly your drone for or at work (commercially), there are extra rules you must follow. You will need a remote pilot licence (RePL) or fly in the excluded category (sub-2 kilogram or private landholder).

Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge with our practice quiz on Australia’s drone safety rules.

Where can I fly?

Download a CASA-verified drone safety app to find out where you can and can’t fly your drone.

Report unsafe flying

If you believe you've seen someone breaking the rules, you can report it to CASA. Fines of up to $1,110 can be issued per offence. If the matter is taken to court, fines of up to $11,100 can be imposed.

Talk to us about Acecore Zoe

If you have a question or would like to know more, fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Talk to us about Acecore Zoe

If you have a question or would like to know more, fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as we can.