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Collect data anywhere, anytime, off-grid and on the move.

Make Drone-in-a-Box operations simple.

Adaptable to any site, anywhere

Deploy and adapt HubX to your site, no matter how remote, ensuring seamless and reliable operations in any location.

No road too tough

Designed for the harsh Australian conditions and terrain, you can take HubX confidently anywhere you need and adapt it to your site.

Up & flying in 30 minutes

Deploy HubX in 30 minutes - no need to wait weeks, months or years for infrastructure and approvals to start operating.

Integrated BVLOS console

Opt for our Curo software for a completely integrated solution or connect to your existing drone management software via an API.

Boost your operations

Streamline repetitive and resource-heavy surveying tasks and automate data flow from site to office. Even if you’re more than 5,000km away.

ROC on-demand

Access 24/7 operations, monitored by BVLOS-certified Remote Operators when you outsource flight operations to our experienced team.

CASA & BARS certified

Have peace of mind knowing our CASA and BARS accredited Flight Operations team will deliver missions in line with industry-leading safety standards.

SLA & Maintenance

Ensure comprehensive asset management and servicing by skilled technicians, including insurance coverage and swift replacements when needed.

Collect data anywhere, anytime, off-grid and on the move.

HubX is a patent pending, rugged and self-sustaining mobile drone platform that arrives ready to work. Everything you need for a seamless deployment so you can capture aerial data wherever and whenever it’s required, making HubX essential for any site.

Performance tested against the harsh Australian elements

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products so we can guarantee success. Since 2022 we've invested heavily into R&D to develop and rigorously test HubX to give you complete confidence to take the solution anywhere.


On-road mileage driven


Off-road mileage driven


Time off-grid


Highest temperature tested


Max wind speed tested


Automated take offs & landings

Your complete solution by Sphere Drones...

Have data delivered from site to office with just one click.


  • Automated drone (DJI Dock 2)
  • WatchTower
  • Solar trailer & battery storage
  • Modular power compartment
  • Flexible data compartment

Best suited for:
Any organisation looking to capture aerial data, regardless of level of their experience.

+ Managed Flight Services

  • Remote Operations Centre (RoC)
  • Implementation & compliance
  • Integrated BVLOS software
  • Data management & AI delivery
  • Managed maintenance, repairs & insurance

Best suited for:
Any organisation with limited drone compliance, certificates, or operational experience.

Find out how you can benefit from HubX

We partnered with Yancoal to successfully trial HubX at their remote NSW mine, Mount Thorley. The trial demonstrated that HubX can streamline and boost mining operations through automation and increase the frequency of aerial data collection. Plus, it improves personnel safety by removing exposure to potentially dangerous environments.

One solution, unlimited use cases across industries

We can help you uncover your use case across mining, agribusiness, utilities, emergency services, construction and many more industries. HubX is suited for a number of use cases, including the automation of:

Surveying & photogrammetry

Blast vision

Pit imagery inspections

Remote monitoring of satellite & rehabilitation sites

Highly repeatable and routine asset inspections

Tasks in dangerous environments


Livestock counting

Gate management

Perimeter security

Perimeter security

Inspections on critical or remote assets

Power line inspection

Pipe inspection

Disaster management

Emergency response support

Search and rescue

Site survey and measurement

Equipment tracking

Volumetric stockpile calculations

Remote monitoring for progress reports

Risk and safety management

Routine infrastructure inspections

Hardware to best suit your business needs

Compare HubX and HubT and discover the right choice for your business,

HubX HubT
Solution Type Mobile Fixed
Automated drone (DJI Dock 2)
Networking (Quad-SIM)
Satellite connectivity
Climate control
Central locking
Long-term battery & solar
Uninterruptable power supply
ADS-B receiver
Airband (VHF) radio
360° & PTZ security cameras
Weather station
Lightning detector
GNSS base station
Edge compute

Still unsure which is the best fit for you? Let us talk you through your options.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a ReOC license or BVLOS approval to get HubX on my site?

HubX does NOT require a ReOC license or BVLOS approval if you’ve opted for our Managed Flight Services. Operating HubX yourself requires a ReOC license and BVLOS approval when operating beyond a visual line of sight.

How do I get HubX to my site?

HubX includes full delivery. Our team will evaluate the site and get HubX up and running for your team. Get in touch to find out more.

Is HubX available outside Australia?

Yes. HubX is patented and our team is working through international supply chain logistics to scale HubX operations globally. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch.

How do I apply for BVLOS certification?

To receive a BVLOS certification first requires your business to get a ReOC licence and have RePL-certified pilots. Please find out more about the BVLOS certification process in our blog post.

Do I need any licenses or certifications to install and use HubX?

An electrician may be required during the initial installation of HubX.

Can I move HubX using my own vehicle?

Yes, you can move HubX as long as your vehicle meets the towing requirements. Which includes having a brake controller and a 2-tonne tow capacity.

Do I need to download any third-party apps or software to access captured mission data?

HubX is supported by our proprietary software suite, Curo. This software platform is a one-stop shop for all functions and features of HubX and flight operations, including data delivery.

Where is HubX manufactured?

HubX’s hardware is manufactured through an extensive global supply chain and assembled in our HQ in Sydney, Australia. HubX’s software is developed locally in Australia.

Do I need to have an external connection to internet and power?

HubX is designed to operate completely off-grid and does not need external internet and power connections. HubX has an independent internet connection and solar battery system.

Do I have 24/7 remote access to my HubX system?

Yes, HubX is always connected to the internet, giving you access to the system around the clock as required.

Talk to us about HubX

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

Talk to us about HubX

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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