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2022's biggest applications for drones: mapping & surveying, inspection, photography

Drone research company Drone Industry Insights has released its latest round of research on the current state of the commercial...

Ireland faciliates world's first BVLOS drone delivery of Insulin

In most places, Diabetes medication is nowadays available from local pharmacies, allowing patients to follow a strict set of treatment...

The importance of radiometric calibration

Two years ago, MicaSense spent some time on our blog digging into the specifics of radiometric calibration. In the first...

Use Cases

Tethered Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring is important across various industries, including situational awareness, security, and research for future road improvements. Current methods are either...

Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind turbines are a key player in creating green energy but due to the nature of them needing to be...

Anode Inspection

Anodes are used across various applications and industries, playing an important role in preventing galvanic corrosion and 'taking one for...