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Technology has progressed greatly since the days of unpredictable remote control helicopters and accident prone RC planes. We now live in a world where cutting edge innovations are available at the tips of our fingers, allowing us to capture our surroundings in new and exciting ways. As Australia’s number one supplier of drones and high quality filming equipment, we carry a diverse range that is suitable for both the everyday hobbyist and the experienced cinematographer.

We have been an Australian owned and family operated business for over 60 years. Throughout that time, we have invested heavily in new technologies and innovative breakthroughs for a number of applications, including two way radios, weather monitoring equipment and more.

Become one with the birds as you lift off with one of the high quality drones we have for sale along with their GoPro camera capabilities. Experience the unique and breathtaking visual possibilities that are opened up to you through the immersive lens of this wide-angled and versatile camera. We are proud to offer the 3D Robotics Solo drone for sale anywhere in Australia, the first design to be 100% compatible with the GoPro camera and its full range of features. This remarkable design incorporates a number of unique design attributes, including autonomous flight controls which allow the user to pause mid-flight and follow a fixed target.

We are also the main suppliers of the DJI range and carry both the innovative Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 drones with an accompanying camera.


Drone repairs to date.

We’re proudly ranked the #1 drone repair centre in Australia. At Sphere Drones, we have a reputation for fixing drones, fast! How do we do this? It’s simple. By having a huge team of young genius drone technicians, access to sophisticated software, and a huge warehouse full of stocked parts.

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