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Sphere Drones to help shape the future of the Australian drone market

Published by Josh Spires on 04 April, 2024, updated on 12 April, 2024.

Sphere Drones to help shape the future of the Australian drone market

By 2043, total commerical drone flights are projected to grow to 60 million flights each year

Australia stands on the precipice of a technological revolution that promises to redefine its skies. As a nation known for embracing innovation and pioneering advancements, it's now gearing up for a transformation that'll see the commercial drone industry soar to unprecedented heights.

A comprehensive report from Airservices Australia has unveiled insights into the future of drone operations across Australia, predicting an escalation in commercial drone flights over the next two decades - up to 60 million commercial flights by 2043.

By 2043, total drone flights are projected to grow to 60 million flights each year.

Sphere Drones is poised to help shape this evolution with their full suite of drone solutions and services to assist businesses with drone adoption - from the initial Proof of Concept, all the way through to scaling up remote drone operations for beyond visual line-of-sight missions (BVLOS).

In addition, Sphere Drones' CEO, Paris Cockinos was recently appointed to AAUS’s RPAS Operators Advisory Group, where he will share invaluable insight and support to the advocacy efforts to address relevant issues and roadblocks associated with the delivery of RPAS policy and regulation.

Unprecedented growth in drone flights

The report forecasts an average annual increase of 20% in commercial drone flights, culminating in an astonishing 60 million flights by 2043. This surge is not just a number but a testament to the evolving role of drones from gadgets and toys to mainstream operational tools. The total flying hours are projected to rise to over 15 million, indicating not only more flights but longer and possibly more complex ones as well.

Navigating the complexities of this will undoubtedly require robust expertise and guidance. This is where working with a seasoned partner like Sphere Drones becomes invaluable. Our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, operational challenges, and technological advancements positions us as an essential ally for businesses looking to leverage drone technology effectively and sustainably in this rapidly expanding market.

Environmental focus

Sphere Drones' Nero Poli water sampler unit taking water samples.

Among the many applications, drones are set to play a crucial role in environmental conservation. With over 500,000 flights dedicated to monitoring protected areas, coastlines, and wildlife, drones will become indispensable tools in Australia's efforts to preserve its unique biodiversity. This initiative reflects a broader trend of leveraging technology for sustainable practices, aligning with global environmental goals.

The backbone of the industry: small businesses

The Australian drone industry is characterised by its small but formidable businesses, which form the backbone of the emerging industry. With 70% of industry respondents optimistic about expanding their drone fleets, the landscape is set for a significant transformation. This expansion reflects a broader confidence in drone technology's potential to revolutionise various industries, from logistics to environmental monitoring.

Leading the charge: transportation and logistics

Transport and logistics will account for 77% (~50 million) of all flights in 2043.

By 2043, the transport and logistics industry is projected to account for 77% of all drone flights, approximately 50 million flights. This dominance underscores the transformative impact of drones on streamlining supply chains and delivery systems, marking a new era in Australian commerce and logistics.

Transportation and logistics emerge as the primary industries driving the adoption of drone technology, with annual drone flights in this category expected to reach 15.03 million by 2043. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31%, highlighting the industry's critical role in integrating drones into Australia's economy.

Fleet expansion and technological advancements

Sphere Drones' HubX platform in action.

The future also holds a significant expansion in organisational fleets, with 61% of respondents anticipating a fivefold increase or more in the number of drones. This optimistic outlook is supported by advancements in technology, especially in battery life, which is expected to improve by 2% annually. Such improvements will enable longer flight durations and distances, expanding the operational capabilities of drones.

As Australia embarks on this skyward journey, the commercial drone industry is set to redefine not just the nation's airspace but also its approach to logistics, environmental conservation, and technology adoption. The next 20 years will witness a dramatic transformation, with drones becoming integral to Australia's economic and environmental landscape.

To date, Sphere Drones has helped more than 11,000 clients, including 3,000 corporations – in the procurement or rental of drones, parts and accessories, software, and training and support for airborne and underwater drone operations. Get in touch with our team for all of your drone program needs, anything from starting your program to enabling BVLOS operations.

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For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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