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Search & Rescue

For those industries that serve our communities, public safety is paramount. However, search and rescue operations, firefighting and disaster response efforts always have the potential to be hazardous, costly and time-consuming. In the past, these operations have been hindered by treacherous conditions and a lack of access, as well as the need to deploy large, scattered teams. 

Fortunately, new drone technology has ensured that life-saving activities can now be completed with improved speed, precision and accuracy. At Sphere, we have the best range of UAVs in Australia to help you safely carry out large-scale operations with greater efficiency. 

In search and rescue operations, high-tech imaging systems are now able to detect thermal movement, even in dense vegetation. We also carry a range of easily deployable drones that have a capacity for a flight time of up to thirty minutes, allowing for comprehensive coverage of vast areas.

During firefighting operations, our drones provide better access to dangerous areas, enabling firefighters to assess blazes, see through dense smoke and make critical decisions quickly. By providing aerial views and 3D maps of land and water masses, UAVs also provide rapid assessments of natural disaster areas to facilitate the deployment of resources by aid agencies.  

We’re confident we possess the best drone technology to assist you with urgent, life-saving operations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you help those in need. 

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