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Elistair Tethering Solutions

Sphere Drones proudly carries and supports Elistair‘s globally recognised and innovative airborne solutions.

Operating in more than 25 countries across the globe, Elistair’s tethered drone solutions provide a wide range of options for aerial observation operations. This technology provides new application fields for the commercial drone market including aerial surveillance, border observation, emergency incident management, traffic monitoring, telecommunications, pollution measuring, industrial inspections, live broadcasting and many more.

At Sphere Drones, we stock and  carry the Elistair Safe-T (100m) - Smart Tethering Station and the Elistair Ligh-T (60m) - Compact Tethering Station.

The Safe-T is a commercial grade, smart tether station for UAVs and offers real-time persistent observation capability with a wide range of compatible drones and payloads.

The Ligh-T is a tethered drone station that is designed to be easily transported and deployed on any type of terrain. It is also very compact and can be operational in seconds.