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Curo Use Cases

Flight Authorisations

Keep your Flight Authorisation process clean and orderly with a fully digital lodgement workflow. Curo’s Operation Assessments can be used as templates for repeated Operations, streamlining the approval process for operators and administrators alike.

Procedures & Checklists

Gain quick access to all the relevant standard operating procedures and checklists for when you need them. Better yet, associate your documentation to the things they are relevant to, such as your Pre- and Post-Flight Checklists to your Operation, or a Maintenance Checklist to a Support Case.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your operational assets, from drones, batteries, remotes, and payloads. Curo will readily store asset-specific details such as name, model and serial number, the assets purchase and warranty information, as well as link each asset to the Flight Records it was used on to allocate usage statistics.

Operational Compliance

Ensure your pilots are operating within the prescriptions of RPA legislation with our unique Operational Compliance tool. The law by tracking the flight path of all operations by notifying the manger and chief remote pilot if there any in violation. Pilots are automatically linked to flights and assets used during the flight giving managers and chief remote pilots a direct contact to ask questions.

Maintenance Management

Maintaining assets has never been easier! Ensure your drones and other assets are in working condition with simple flight hour tracking, time to next service (major & minor), total flights, and distance flown. All this data will also allow your team to make smart decisions around future purchases and upgrades.

Repair Management

Things are bound to need repairing at one point. Easily track repairs with Cases and comments keeping you and your team updated along the way. Cases share information such as warranty status, reason for repair, shipping information, and most importantly the assets being repaired.

Training Management

Team member training is an important part of ensuring operations run smoothly and the correct laws are followed. Keep track of everything from required licenses to internal training and assessments to remove any chance of confusion over the lifetime of operations.

Order Management

Need to order a new part or keep track of your orders, Curo allows users to create an order directly from it or upload order documents for easy tracking. All team members can access these orders to prevent duplicate orders from being created and reducing the need for extra communication.