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As arguably Australia’s leading organisation in the commercial UAV solutions space, we have skills and experience across mining, agriculture, surveying, search and rescue and surveillance applications to name a few. At our solutions development (R&D) facility in Sydney, we continuously work with new and existing clients from various market segments to understand their industry, challenges and needs and then leverage our team, knowledge and experience to develop custom solutions that work.

We are proud to say our custom solutions are often met with amazement from our commercial clients and more importantly, confidence, when they see genuine commercial outcomes when they had believed their challenges insurmountable. Overall, we develop custom solutions and tailor end-to-end solutions for multiple industries and applications and create proprietary enterprise outcomes that now lead many industries.

Nero Water Sampler

After success with the initial Water Sampler project, a client engaged Sphere Drones to iterate on the initial design and increase the amount of water captured per flight, with multiple locations as a consideration. The client had specific requirements in regards to samples required and minimum volumes for each. This challenged the team at Sphere to build on their existing solution that only captured a single 2L sample.

This project has led to a number of iterations of the Water Sampler and presented challenges to the team. Overall, the client was happy with the solution, but challenges were still present due to programming and quality-of-life issues raised during testing. This solution is undergoing continual testing and iterations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your process for developing custom drone solutions?

We develop our custom solutions by using 3D printed parts. This allows us to streamline our design process and create a rapid turnaround. Using 3D printing for prototypes also allows making quick changes to our designs, ensuring our solutions are able to keep up with changing applications and indeed, drone technology.

Our actual development process begins with the reverse engineering of pre-existing components. This ensures we secure geometric accuracy in our Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) models. Once the initial design work is completed, we then ‘test print and trial a series of rapid-prototyped mockups in order to evaluate the real-world application of our solution.

Once we have ensured our design is suitable for the application, we then mount a finalised ‘infill prototype’ to the appropriate drone and field test it to evaluate factors such as material strength and flight time.

What materials do you use for 3D printing?

We use PLA which is short for Polylactic Acid. This a thermoplastic polymer that comes from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. We use PLA (filament) for our 3D printing as it is widely considered the best and most sustainable material for prototyping.

What industries do you typically work with for custom solutions?

Given the complexity, time and cost normally associated with the development of a custom solution, we are currently only working with commercial clients. This noted, we do not limit commercial enquiries as drone technology (on a daily basis) is finding applications across multiple industries. We currently have extensive experience in industries including agriculture, construction, mapping, mining and search & rescue.