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Cargo & Goods Delivery

Updated on 28 September, 2021 | Use Cases

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Cargo or goods delivery is still a growing use case, but has already seen potential with tests in Australia, the U.S, and Ireland to name a few.

What is cargo delivery by drone?

Cargo or goods delivery usually means anything that isn't edible or related to medical deliveries getting delivered by drone. This can be anything from getting the latest Samsung phone delivered to your door by drone or delivering key supplies to remote areas. This type of drone delivery has the potential to be one of the biggest use cases, allowing companies like Amazon to offer 30-minute delivery. 

How does cargo delivery work?

  1. A customer will put in an order for a specific product and the store will then pack the drone.
  2. The drone will receive the drop off location and generate the most efficient and safest route available.
  3. The package is dropped off by the drone at the drop off location and the customer can now use what they've just purchased.

Benefits of using drones

  • Drones can be sent up at a much faster rate, allowing the cargo to be delivered in a much shorter amount of time.
  • Increases delivery radius by skipping roads, traffic, and the need to stop for breaks etc.
  • Lowers delivery costs by removing, or partly removing the need for a driver and delivery vehicle.