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Water Sampling System

Aerial Sampling at its Best

Ability to take 5 non-contaminated samples

Scalable sampling with modular bottle sizing options

Accurate sample sizes facilitated by a flow sensor

Proprietary remote controller - able to be used with the aircraft of your choice

Nero Mia (V2)

A great water sampling system that alllows for a single sample to be taken at a time with a reduced weight.

Nero Poli (V3)

Coming soon

An updated design allows for up to 5 samples to be collected during a single flight with multiple bottle sizes available and direct control of Poli through its dedicated controller.

Take Multiple Samples

Capable of taking 5 separate 100ml, 250ml, or 500ml samples, Nero represents a more modular, scalable approach to UAV based water sampling than previously seen in the market.

Effortless And Precise

One-way flushing functionality between each collected sample ensures that samples will remain uncontaminated right the way through sampling missions, providing a reliable result every time.


Thanks to the modular design of Nero's mounting plate Sphere Drones can adapt the system to work with many drones, including but not limited to:

  • DJI Matrice 200/210
  • DJI Matrice 300
  • DJI Matrice 600/600 Pro

Standalone Controller

Nero is controlled via a standalone battery-powered remote controller allowing it to run independently from the drone. The touchscreen allows adjustments and monitoring to be done simultaneously.

Generational Improvements

Nero is Sphere Drones' 3rd generation water sampling solution, bringing many improvements in design and functionality from testing and customer feedback.

Scalable in Design

Thanks to the way we've designed and built Nero it can easily be scaled up to be used with larger sample bottles and gives it the ability to mount to manned aircraft.

Built to Last

Nero is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate being manufactured out of CNC machined carbon fibre and SLA printed components.

Interested in Nero?

Nero is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate being manufactured out of CNAAC machined carbon fibre and SLA printed components.