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There is little point offering drone technology and developing solutions without a comprehensive service and support network. Industries engaging technology that can change the fundamental approach to traditional applications, must have this support to meet their needs along every step of the change journey. How do we do this? We work in direct collaboration with the client across every element and aspect of their project. As part of delivering the collectively agreed solution, we build comprehensive and tailored service elements around the project to ensure seamless operation.

These tailored service options will be specific to the needs of the client and to the application itself. From Service Level Agreements (SLA) for operational certainty, to repairs and direct line account management, you can be assured your solution is well protected.

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We work in direct collaboration with the client across every element and aspect of their project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you can’t find an answer to your question or query on rentals in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to call us 1800 119 111 or email us at

Q. How do you determine repair costs?

Any and all costs will be determined once we have had a chance to extensively review the equipment damage and determine labour costs and parts required. It will also be dependent on the equipment make and model as costs can vary between sizes and brands.

Q. How long does the repair process normally take?

This will, of course, be dependent on the extent of damage as well as lead times on securing required parts. It will also be dependent on the backlog of repairs we may have at any given time. As a guide, however, we estimate a turn-around of 3-4 weeks.

Q. Why do I need to update my firmware and how do I do it?

It is important your firmware is updated in order to avoid equipment bugs and glitches. As important, your drone’s range and accessible height can be impacted if you don’t have the latest firmware. This is particularly relevant to newer drones. Firmware updates also tweak and improve the user interface. You can install the latest firmware via both the DJI GO/GO 4 app or the DJI Assistant 2 for the newer generation drones. Otherwise, please contact us and we can help.

Q. How much is the Assessment Fee and what does it cover?

The Assessment Fee is $150.00 (inc. GST) and includes overnight shipping and handling to and from our repair centre. In addition, it includes any time our technicians spend between receipt of your equipment and us providing you a formal repair quote.

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