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Our Sydney facility is one of Australia’s leading UAV solutions development locations offering commercial consultancy services across workshop, development, implementation and refinement areas and all directly related to tailored UAV applications and solutions.




Engaging multiple disciplines to identify and uncover application opportunities

Our workshop objective:
To engage our multidisciplinary team to work in close consultation with each client to create outcomes that not only exceed application and solution delivery, but put your competitors – and indeed your industry – on notice.

Industries talk of holistic approaches to problem solving but rarely take this beyond initial client conversations. We genuinely work to understand each client’s industry (as a whole) and then the challenges (and opportunities) the current activities present. We then define and distill client expectations, needs and base requirements for the potential application.

From this point we identify client operating constraints and needs from budget and training requirements to internal resourcing and capabilities. With this information we can begin to establish timelines and proactively move the project into the development phase.




Solution development based sound work, not guess work

Our development objective:
From workshop findings, complete a detailed and comprehensive scoping analysis which includes detailed budget and timeframe outcomes. This ensures client certainty for both spend and solution development.

In close collaboration with the the client, we bring workshop outcomes ‘in-house’ to develop a proposed concept. As part of this process, we engage and align with industry experts and manufacture development guidelines while always aligning to our ‘3Ts’ – our team, our tools and our training expertise. This approach ensures we develop a prototype which has been tested (via multiple iterations if needed) ahead of the implementation process.




An integrated approach to solution implementation

Our implementation objective:
From workshop and development, we manufacture the solution, undertake rigorous field trials and conduct appropriate client training to ensure solution understanding and outcome.

The client solution delivery stage with detailed hand-over processes and instructions. This includes all industry and solution specific CASA certified training, the engagement of agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA); agreed on-site support and assistance, and the delivery of a solution ‘manual’ – a standard inclusion for any internal development.




Ensuring operational success and industry leadership

Our refinement objective:
From workshop, development and implementation, we continue to work with the client to further improve and streamline the solution and ensure it continues to meet all the requirements of the application.

Our role as solutions’ developers doesn’t end at client handover. We will continue to support the client, refine the solution and stay abreast of the industry to drive innovation. Our refinement process is on-going and will always ensure the client is informed, educated and trained on solution developments.

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