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Adelaide Fringe Festival 2022 to see Sky Song drone show

Josh Spires | 10 March, 2022 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Australia will once again see another drone show take place, this time in South Australia for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Drone show company Celestial, in partnership with First Nations Artists will power the show with the following theme:

‘It is time for us all to find our way back to the fire, for the strong stories of our First Peoples to inspire hope and signify an awakening to the truth of our entire existence’ Archie Roach in SKY SONG.

The 20-minute-long show will be narrated by singer, songwriter and tireless campaigner Archie Roach, Sky Song unfolds over five chapters, taking audiences through topics of belonging and connection to country, land rights, the hopefulness of reconciliation and much more.

To watch the show, a ticket is required, which can be purchased here. Pricing starts at $35, with various pricing packages available.

Sky Song is a collaboration between Gluttony, Celestial, Adelaide Fringe, Deadly Management, Archie Roach, Electric Fields, Iwiri Choir, Nancy Bates, Major Moogy Summer, Jack Buckskin of Kuma Kaaru; Ali Cobby Eckermann; Dusty Feet Mob, Mali Isabel and APY Arts Collective. Supported by: South Australian Tourism Commission (Major Partner) Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, Novatech and British Council.

Australia has seen a number of drone shows take place over the last few years with various shows in Syndey, Melbourne, and the suburbs of Perth. We can't wait to see more of these amazing shows in the future!

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