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Drones take to the sky in Melbourne drone show

Josh Spires | 11 February, 2022 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Last month, drones took to the sky in Melbourne, Australia to celebrate the new year with First Nation artwork and award-winning poetry for over seven minutes. This show also marked the first show in Australia for the international drone show company Celestial.

A few weeks before this show took place, a similar drone show at Sydney's Elevate Sydney welcoming the city into the new year with similar imagery.

This is the first-ever Celestial Australia show, which harnesses an array of talent, including First Nation artwork and award-winning poetry. The end result is an enthralling feast for the senses. A story that marries the epic scale of drone art with captivating music and spoken word.

You can watch the full show below via the YouTube video.

Source: Celestial

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