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500 drones take to the sky above Syndey in Elevate Sydney Sky Show

Josh Spires | 04 January, 2022 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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In an Australian first, five hundred drones took to the sky to welcome the city of Sydney to the new year with a breathtaking display. The almost 10-minute-long drone show is a part of the larger Elevate Sydney Festival jam packed with live music and performances across two stages and three dedicated entertainment zones.

Love the fireworks display that lights up Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve? This year, the celebrations will continue into the new year and the Sydney skyline will be illuminated for even longer thanks to the Elevate Sydney Sky Show.

The drones were used to display iconic Australian flora and fauna, such as an emu and a wattle. The theme of the drone show is to celebrate the indigenous people of Australia with the main message, "Always Was, Always Will Be," being displayed by the drones.

The drones were backed up by a backing track created by Australian indigenous artists to add an extra element to a drone show, which are usually silent. The drones continued to show off native flora and fauna while pronouncing their indigenous and English names.

The drone light show started on the January 1st and will continue until January 5th. More info on the show and tickets can be found via the following link.

In an Australian first, the Elevate Sydney Sky Show will take place above Circular Quay from Saturday, January 1 till Wednesday, January 5 as part of the brand-new Elevate Sydney festival. Catch 500 choreographed drones weaving across the sky in this multi-sensory spectacle set to an original soundscape. Sounds pretty incredible, right?

Source: Concrete Playground 

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