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A closer look at the Flyability Elios 2’s Inspector 2.0

05 March, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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The Flyability Elios 2 is packed with smart features and modes to make data collection even easier. One that is truly impressive is inspector 2.0, which allows users to combine all of their flight data in a single easy-to-use project shared with clients or colleagues.

The main feature of Inspector 2.0 is the video player. It allows data from both of the cameras to be matched up and overlayed with one another to give you a full picture of the inspection event. You can play the video frame by frame and look at the flight data from that exact point in the flight.

While sifting through the data you have just captured, you can easily tag interesting video points for later review. This ensures you don’t forget to look back on a certain section. A filter can also be applied that removes the fish-angle effect on the camera to make the footage true-to-life. You can even do simple 2D measurements in the software, removing the need to measure the area manually.

Importing data into Inspector 2.0 only requires you to connect your Elios 2 to the computer via the USB cable and open up the software. The rest is handled for you. When you are ready to export the data, you can turn it into an automatically saved report as a word document. The images, metadata, and other notes made in Inspector 2.0 will all be transferred across for you.

If you want to do more with your data outside Inspector 2.0, you can easily export the data to Pix4D. This removes the step of manually transferring data to Pix4D and allows you to use the full range of products on offer from the company.

Inspector 2.0 can be downloaded from Flyability’s website for free but requires a Flyability drone to work. If you are interested in purchasing an Elios 2, please reach out to our sales team today.

Image: Flyability

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