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Flyability Elios 3 gains return-to-signal safety feature

Published by Josh Spires on 08 December, 2023

Flyability Elios 3 return to signal

Flyability has announced its Return-To-Signal feature for the Elios 3, allowing the indoor inspection drone to return to the last known good signal when the video connection is interrupted.

Elios 3 Return-To-Signal

Return-To-Signal or RTS monitors the video signal coming out of the drone. When an interruption to the video signal is detected, a dismissable pop-up will display in the cockpit app. The pilot has the option to have the Elios 3 automatically return along its original trajectory up to 300 metres until the video connection is restored or it reaches the take-off point.

According to Flyability, RTS will also be activated when the radio battery dies mid-flight, if the tablet runs out of battery or if the USB cable is disconnected from the controller. It also works when the cockpit app crashes or any other malfunctions resulting in the video signal being lost.

Benefit of RTS

Return-To-Signal gives pilots additional peace of mind. There is no longer a need to worry about the drone getting stuck during a flight because of signal loss. Pilots can fly confidently into inaccessible areas, capture the data they need, and if signal to the Elios 3 is lost, have it automatically return to its last point of signal.

RTS also makes flying in new locations less stressful and increases the safety of all operations by allowing pilots to remain further away from the assets being inspected.

Source: Flyability

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.