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Webinar | Drone operations made simple with Curo

Published by Josh Spires on 01 July, 2020

Webinar | Drone operations made simple with Curo

Event Overview

Date & Time

Wed. 19 August 2020 - Wed. 19 August 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm AEST


The drone industry in Australia is moving towards a significant inflection point. As the industry begins to tighten up with the upcoming Manual of Standards (MOS), many Chief Pilots are left wondering how they are going to manage their responsibilities and requirements in an ever changing environment. We also face the paving of new paths with Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight). Factor in the trend of rapidly increasing fleet sizes among big industries, the need for simplicity is more important than ever.

Transparency. Automation. Compliance. All common words to drone users, but rarely coupled together. Hear from our expert team at Sphere Drones as we uncover our new platform, Curo, and how it will empower your organisation to work faster, smarter and safer.


– Why Curo – current challenges in the drone industry.
– What Curo does – Curo features and benefits.
– How Curo works – in platform demonstration.
– Designing for the future – Curo Roadmap.