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Webinar: Introduction to the Skydio 2+ Enterprise Autonomous Drone

Published by Josh Spires on 07 March, 2022

Skydio 2+ Enterprise webinar

Learn more about the Skydio 2+ Enterprise autonomous drone, what its capable of, and how it stands out from the competition in the Australian market.

Skydio 2+ (S2+) is the industry-leading autonomous drone solution, powered by Skydio Autonomy Enterprise, an AI-driven autonomous flight engine that enables unparalleled 360° obstacle avoidance, autonomous tracking, GPS-denied navigation, and complete workflow automation.

S2+ combines the AI-powered flight autonomy engine with a compact, lightweight airframe, making it the most intelligent, safest, and simplest drone to operate in the market. Thanks to real-time 360° obstacle avoidance and motion prediction capabilities, S2+ redefines the operational paradigm of drones, eliminating the risk of crashes and turning anyone into an expert pilot.

Equipped with NVIDIA Tegra TX2 with 256 GPU cores, S2+ brings industry-leading compute power to the edge of your infrastructure, automating data collection for situational awareness, inspection, or security. Designed, assembled, and supported in the USA, S2+ provides a higher degree of supply chain security

Event info

Name: Introduction to the Skydio 2+ Enterprise

Date & Time: March 24th at 1:30PM AEDT / 11:30AM AWST

Hosted by: The Sphere Drones & Skydio team


  • Skydio Enterprise Solutions
  • Skydio Autonomy
  • Skydio 2+ Enterprise
  • Skydio Autonomy Enterprise
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