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The benefits drone maintenance brings to your business

Josh Spires | 24 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Drone maintenance is an important step for all drone businesses. It saves money, keeps drones in the sky for longer, and reduces downtime, amongst other benefits.

There is little point in offering drone technology and developing solutions without a comprehensive service and support network. Here at Sphere Drones, we provide tailored service solutions to better support your maintenance and repair needs.

Longer lifetime

Routine maintenance is an important step to ensuring a drone can be used for the most time possible. This kind of maintenance will often find parts that aren’t yet broken or could cause damage to the drone, allowing them to be replaced and the drone to continue flying. Sometimes the smallest part can result in a drone becoming a write-off.

Lower costs

Routine maintenance can ensure costs are kept to a minimum. During a routine inspection, there might be a screw holding the gimbal in place a little loose. Since it’s been picked up by the technician, it can be tightened and the drone sent on its way. If this wasn’t done, the gimbal could have fallen to the ground, resulting in a much higher repair cost.

Increased uptime

Increased uptime is a significant factor in routine maintenance and maintenance in general; just like fixing a small problem is normally always cheaper than fixing the whole drone, the same stands for repair times. Tightening a screw is a job that only takes a few seconds, whereas a whole gimbal can take weeks to repair or replace depending on the issue and the availability of parts.

Greater peace of mind

Something that will benefit the pilots and the chief remote pilot is greater peace of mind. Knowing that your drones are maintained and routinely checked to ensure everything is working removes a worry when operating them. You won’t have to think about the possibility of a drone falling from the sky or losing a client because the drone needs a major repair.

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