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How Sphere Drones' Water Sampler V2 has changed the industry

08 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Sphere Drones Water Sampler v2 is the latest iteration of the product after seeing great operational success with Sydney Water. V2 is capable of collecting up to two liters of water during a single sample.

High precision

As the Water Sample V2 integrates with DJI's Matrice M600 drone, it uses GPS to keep the sampling accurate. This allows it to go to the exact location water needs to be sampled from while also allowing you to tag sample locations to repeat them in the future, creating improved results. A human can't match this level of precision.

Safe samples

Water sampling is commonly done by a person hanging over the side of a boat. The person sticks their hand in the water with a container and collects a sample, possibly contaminating the sample and, even worse, falling into the water. Using the Water Sampler V2 with a drone removes both of these issues, keeping employees safe and the water sample sterile.

The Water Sample V2 also uses a set of peristaltic pumps, which means the pumps don't have any contact with the sample water; instead, it essentially squeezes the tube, forcing the water to flow up and into the tank.

Sphere Drones Water Sampler V2

Minimal costs and resources

Paying people and maintaining equipment are the highest costs for a business. Replacing all of this with a drone and Water Sampler unit significantly decreases these costs, and the drone to be used in multiple ways. A team is no longer required to collect samples, just a pilot and lookout.

Samples from almost anywhere

An aerial water sampler's key benefit is that it can do its job from anywhere the drone can go. The Water Sampler V2 comes with a 3M long hose that allows the drone to stay high enough from the water not to affect it. The hose also allows a sample to be collected from a blowhole without any issues. The system can suck up water from 0°C to 50°C, allowing it to serve even more locations.

Improved efficiency

Sampling water from most places requires a boat to get into the center of a water source, demanding people, equipment, and a lot of time to get all of these things together. The Water Sampler V2 system removes all of this from the equation. Attach the sampler unit to a DJI Matrice M600 drone, fly it to the location and sample the water, all in a fraction of the time. The Water Sample works perfectly in relative humidity ranging from 20 to 80%.


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