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Source water. Stay safe.

Having enjoyed remarkable success with Sydney Water, the custom Water Sampler V1.0 solution has been updated and operationally improved. Water Sampler V2.0 is now available and while it offers the same full-water sample collection ability in inaccessible and dangerous locations as V1.0, it has been streamlined in design and enjoys greater payload integration and simplicity of use. It can also now collect up to 2 litres a single sample event!

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

Access remote, dangerous or human inaccessible locations and safely secure your water samples.
Perfectly integrated into the Matrice M600 drone, the water sampling payload doesn’t impede flight, range or location accessibility.
Eliminating traditional sampling techniques, the V2.0 can secure water samples from the middle of an ocean swell, to cliffs and ravines, providing true representative water samples.
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With on-board GPS, the drone and water sampler can zero in on precise locations to secure water samples. This also allows for geotagging of sampling events and repeatable location sampling.
Boats and manned crews will be a process of the past. With drone engagement, areas can be accessed in minutes (not hours) and samples taken from multiple areas quickly and efficiently.
No direct human input is required during sampling ensuring sterile conditions. The two peristaltic pumps collect and purge samples allowing the system to be sterilised each time.

Safe, fast, cost effective and location perfect water sampling is now a reality

A definitive move away from traditional water sampling techniques, Sphere Drones’ water sampling technology - via its Water Sampler V2.0 - is now allowing for the precision sourcing of water samples from unsafe, hostile and inaccessible human locations. The peristaltic pumps and water reservoir are integrated (as a payload) on the Matrice M600 ‘heavy-lifting’ drone. Flight and manoeuvring are not impeded by the integrated pumping system and it easily operated by a single switch on the drone remote control. With built in GPS, water samples can be taken with remarkable accuracy from almost any location. This is a true innovation for those organisations that require water sampling as part of their operation.

Technical specifications

  • General
Description Specification
Weight 2.35kg
Pump Speed ≈2L per Min
Dimensions 300x230x245mm
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Ambient Humidity Range 20-80% RH
Liquid Temperature Range 5-50°C
Max Operational Height From Water 3m
Tank Capacity 2L

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