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Guide to drone licences for companies in Australia (ReOC and RePL)

Published by Josh Spires on 13 May, 2022, updated on 08 April, 2024.

reoc repl company australia

For a business in Australia to use drones there are a number of requirements that must be completed before a drone can hit the open skies. These requirements come in the form of two drone licences, ReOC for the company and RePL for pilots, the chief remote pilot, and maintenance controller.

ReOC - Remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate

ReOC or a remotely piloted aircraft operators' certificate is required for all businesses that want to fly drones. The ReOC allows CASA to ensure that everyone within the business that is involved in drones understands the laws and are capable of safe flying. The ReOC also enforces that the company creates an operations manual and operational library.

Company ARN

Before a company can begin the ReOC process a company ARN, or aviation reference number is required. This will function as the identifier that your company's ReOC will sit on and allow it to be tracked via CASA's online portal.

Chief Remote Pilot

A chief remote pilot (CRP) is required to meet the requirements of a ReOC. The chief remote pilot, who also must have a RePL and pass a chief remote pilot assessment. The CRP is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business on the drone side of things and is often required to sign off on any operations within the business.

The CRP is also the liaison between the company and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Maintenance Controller

The maintenance controller is in charge of all things on the maintenance side of things, approving all maintenance conducted within the business. A maintenance controller does not need to get a RePL and can be taken up by the chief remote pilot or any other pilots in the business.

Operations Manual

The operations manual is required by CASA and is used to set out the procedures all RePL holders in the business must comply with in accordance with Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR Part 101).

Operational Library

The operational library is also required by CASA and is different from the operation manual. The operational library includes general and specific operational procedures along with specific sections for each drone being flown in the business, including but not limited to pre- and post-flight checks and maintenance schedules.

RePL - Remote pilot licence

The RePL or remote pilot licence is a requirement for any individual that plans on flying a drone, is going to be the chief remote pilot, or the maintenance controller if flying under a ReOC. A RePL proves to CASA that you can fly a drone for commercial purposes while being able to ensure operations are safe and any problems can be safely mitigated.

Individual ARN

Before receiving your RePL an individual ARN or aviation reference number is required as it acts as your licence number for any future license you might get. Think of it like your driver's licence number.

If you are interested in getting a ReOC for your company or an RePL for yourself and your employees, contact the Sphere Drones team to learn more.


CASA has split the RePL up into different categories based on weight and aircraft type. Below are the categories:

 Fixed Wing Multirotor Helicopter Powered Lift
<7kg <7kg <7kg <7kg
<25kg <25kg <25kg <25kg
Per aircraft type Per aircraft type Per aircraft type Per aircraft type

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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