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Drones enable digital transformation with contactless inspections

15 March, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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The current COVID pandemic hitting the world has meant inspections cannot be completed manually anymore, resulting in drone inspections to replace the slower and more expensive method during and after the pandemic. DroneBase has been providing companies worldwide with the reliable data they need at great prices and in a short amount of time.

Dan Burton, Founder, and CEO of DroneBase, added:

“What DroneBase is providing is a contactless inspection. There really is no need for face-to-face interaction with any of our flights. We can do a drone inspection without even setting foot on the property.”

The company’s drone services are allowing it to cater to the property management, insurance, and real estate industries by providing a virtual inspection for an insurance agent or potential buyer of a house, removing the need for a physical presence at the property and lessening the opportunity for the virus to be spread.

Drones have been doing inspections for the above-mentioned industries before the pandemic hit. It has only been since the pandemic that companies are now realising the benefits a drone brings to the business and the increase in safety and reduction in costs it also brings.

When it comes to property management, the company can send out a drone pilot to check on the property, create a video, and survey the property for another person to inspect it later. This ensures nothing is missed during the inspection, and there is proof of what the property looked like at the time of the inspection.

Insurance companies will often use drones to inspect roof damage after a strong weather system rolls in. Doing this allows the company to create a real-time image of the damaged roof for record-keeping purposes and get a more accurate quote from a contractor by allowing them to see the damage’s extent.

Selling a house with no in-person visits is a hard task. Using drones to capture the property and exterior of the house, along with the location, allows a potential buyer to get the feel of the house, property, and the area without needing to leave the safety of their house.

Image: DJI

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