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DJI’s FPV drone is here: 4k 60 fps FPV for anyone

23 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

Featured image for DJI’s FPV drone is here: 4k 60 fps FPV for anyone

Yesterday drone giant DJI launched its heavily leaked FPV drone, giving us an official look at the drone for the first time. The DJI FPV drone was released alongside the new DJI FPV Goggles V2, DJI FPV Remote Controller 2, and the new DJI Motion Controller.

The DJI FPV drone features a stabilised 4k 60 fps capable 1/2.3” 12 MP CMOS sensor with a maximum bitrate of 120 Mbps. As this is a DJI product, it features a range of smart features and modes that make flying much easier than a standard FPV drone.

The drone is equipped with forward and downward facing obstacle sensors and a time of flight (ToF) sensor and LED on the drone’s bottom to ensure safe landings. The obstacle avoidance sensors collect environment data in-flight to ensure the drone doesn’t hit anything. DJI has also included an ADS-B receiver in its FPV drone to warn you of crewed aircraft in the area.

The drone comes with three modes, S Mode, N Mode, and M Mode.

  • S Mode allows anyone to fly the drone with ease, using DJI’s easy-to-use controls, while still getting the feeling that you’re flying an FPV drone. S Mode also the forward and downward facing obstacle avoidance sensors to stop the drone from crashing.
  • N Mode gives you a little more control over the drone, making it more of an immersive experience. This mode still locks the movement range and uses the forward and downward facing obstacle avoidance sensors to stop the crashing drone.
  • M Mode is the drone’s manual mode, giving the pilot full control over it, much like a normal FPV drone. There are no limits on the movement in this mode, and it allows the drone to reach 100 kph in just two seconds. This mode is made for those that know what they are doing.

The drone uses DJI’s OcuSync 3.0 transmission system that gives it a maximum range of 10 km. This same system also keeps the video transmission latency down to 28 ms and the video bitrate at a constant 50 Mbps, with the help of intelligent frequency switching.

The FPV Goggles V2, designed to work with the drone, gives you an immersive experience while flying it, with a 150-degree wide-angle view running at a smooth 120 fps. The FPV Controller 2 is like any other drone controller, allowing you to have full control over the drone’s flight, camera, and features.

The more interesting DJI Motion Controller allows you to control the drone with a single hand. From capturing video to telling the drone where to fly with the movement of your hand. This makes the flying experience much more simple it also allows people with disabilities to get into the hobby.

The DJI FPV drone is on sale right now for $2,099, including the FPV Goggles V2 and FPV Controller 2. The Motion Controller can be purchased separately for an additional $229. Replacement parts for the drone can also be purchased from DJI, as it knows something is likely to break.

Image: DJI

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