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DJI’s drone rescue map: 560+ people rescued so far

24 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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DJI’s drone rescue map is a place for first responders and rescuers to list their drone-assisted rescues, giving the world an insight into one of the amazing ways drones are being used. To date, the drone rescue map has 339 rescues recorded on it from around the world.

At the time of writing this post, a total of 560 people have been saved with drones, 339 rescues have used drones spending over 29 countries. Since DJI runs the map, it wants to continue growing the number of rescues shown on it. If you or someone you know knows about a rescue, please fill out this form.

“We know there are many more successful rescues than are listed on this map, and we hope drone enthusiasts and public safety officials will share more of those great stories to include here. We want to make sure every drone rescue pioneer gets credit for what they’ve done.” – DJI

Diving the map, we will take a look at rescues from around Australia. So far, there are only five listed on the map.

Naturaliste, Western Australia

The first one is where a bystander with a drone aided police to an injured man who had fallen off the rocks south of Perth and struggled in rough water. Thanks to the drone, the man was saved, and the police officers could locate the man in a short amount of time. The drone also ensured that they weren’t exposed to the dangerous swell any more than they needed.

Kirrama, Queensland

A recent rescue from Northern Queensland is slightly different from an average drone rescue, but the drone did do the heavy lifting to save the group of people involved. A man, a few mates, were stuck in the mountains between two creaks that had flooded.

The group decided to stay the night and figure things out in the morning. In the morning, the man remembers he had his drone and decided to attach his phone to it with a message waiting to send. Once the drone was far enough to receive a signal, it sent the text and prompted the search for the group soon after they were found safe, thanks to the smart thinking of the man, a phone, and a drone.

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