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DJI announces DJI Dock 2 and DJI Matrice 3DT

Published by Josh Spires on 17 November, 2023

DJI Dock 2 with Matrice 3DT

DJI Dock 2 is the company's latest entry into the Drone-in-a-Box market with a number of improvements and updates over the first generation. Accompanying the release of Dock 2 is the DJI Matrice 3D series - Matrice 3D and Matrice 3DT - which is their first line of drones specifically designed for dock use.

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DJI Dock 2 Australia

DJI Dock 2

Weight and design

DJI Dock 2 has received a number of improvements over the first generation. This includes a more compact and space-efficient design and a reduction in weight to 34kg, making it easily movable by two people. Dock 2's volume and weight have been reduced by 75% and 68% respectively.

The biggest space-saving comes from the development of the Matrice 3D series. This new line of Matrice drones has been specifically designed to be used with the Dock 2, allowing DJI to make optimisations that allow it to better fit the dock. This includes a nest design that hugs the drone as it lands rather than landing on a flat platform.

Environment and power

DJI Dock 2 comes with an IP55 rating and features a suite of environmental monitoring sensors to monitor rain, temperature, and humidity. Combined with live weather from FlightHub 2, Dock 2 can proactively warn or suspend missions as required.

A fisheye camera mounted externally and internally provides situational awareness, monitoring, and security abilities during take-off and landing, weather events, and onsite incidents.

Dock 2 improves the stability and reliability of landings with an improved image recognition system and sloped design ensuring the drone accurately positions itself in the dock.

Dock 2 comes with a built-in backup battery, providing more than 5 hours of additional operational time in the event of a power loss, not having access to mains power, or while operating in a remote location. Dock 2 only requires maintenance two times per year, reducing downtime and costs.


Dual RTK antennas in the dock allow the Matrice 3D or Matrice 3DT to obtain accurate location data, allowing it to take off in about 45 seconds of receiving instruction to fly. The combination of a 4G module and DJI’s O3 Enterprise transmission allows the Matrice 3D to stay connected in compiled operations.

Local connection to the Dock 2 is done via the DJI RC Pro Enterprise controller. Dock 2 also supports edge computing and custom development via the DJI Cloud API.

It also supports third-party payloads via Matrice 3D's E-Port, allowing payloads such as spotlights, speakers, and parachutes to be mounted to the drone for increased capability and safety.

DJI Matrice 3DT drone

DJI Matrice 3D, Matrice 3DT

DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3D are designed for Dock 2 and open the world of surveying operations to DJI's dock solutions. Both are IP54-rated and have a maximum flight time of 50 minutes and a maximum operational range of 10km. Both feature a removable battery rated for 400 cycles with the ability to charge from 20% to 90% in 32 minutes.

Matrice 3D series features a built-in RTK module accurate ±3 cm, a dedicated mount for a 4G module, and the ability to carry payloads up to 200 grams via the E-Port.

 DJI Matrice 3D DJI Matrice 3DT
Wide angle camera
  • 4/3 CMOS
    Equivalent focal length 24 mm
  • 20 million effective pixels
  • Mechanical shutter
  • 1/1.32 inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 24 mm
  • 48 million effective pixels
Telephoto camera
  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 161 mm
  • 12 million effective pixels
  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • Equivalent focal length 161 mm
  • 12 million effective pixels
Thermal camera -
  • Equivalent focal length 40 mm
  • Normal mode: 640 × 512@30fps
  • Super-resolution mode: 1280 × 1024@30fps
  • 28x digital zoom
DJI FlightHub 2

DJI FlightHub 2

DJI FlightHub 2 allows the DJI Dock 2 and Matrice 3D series to be operated and monitored remotely. FlightHub 2 allows for the flight route to be created using point and fly and then edited using a 3D map of the operational area.

If required, an operator can take manual control during the operation. The Matrice 3D and Matrice 3DT can also adjust the route automatically using their six-way obstacle avoidance sensors to ensure obstacles are missed.

After an operation, DJI FlightHub 2 can create a 3D model using the data captured during the operation. It also can adjust the position of the Matrice 3D series to ensure identical data is captured across multiple operations.

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Talk to us about DJI Dock 2

Jump the queue when the DJI Dock 2 arrives in Australia by registering your interest today.