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WARNING: What you should know before you fly your drone

29 September, 2016 | The Sphere Drones Blog

So you’ve just purchased your drone (and have just spent all your money in the piggy bank) and you’re about to take it out for the first time. You’re unsure of what to expect or what could happen when you take it out - alls you know is that this ‘thing’ will be up in the sky capturing the most picturesque images you’ve ever taken before.


So considering you are now a ‘professional photographer’ (since you have the drone and all), there are a few things you should do before you take your drone up to the sky.

  1. Read the manual for your personal drone - this is CRUCIAL as every drone varies between models and manufacturers. Make sure you understand the different operating sequence of buttons that control the take off, operating and landing of your drone.
  2. Know the series of steps to start up your drone - this will involve turning on your controller and knowing whether or not your drone requires wifi connection or not
  3. Be mindful of updating the firmware of your drone - this will keep your drone up to date with any applications and provide you with any cool new features!!!


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