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Precision Agriculture Workshop – Ingham QLD 2018

Josh Spires | 30 August, 2018 | Events

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Event Overview

Date & Time

Thu. 06 September 2018 - Fri. 07 September 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Latest developments from leading Australian researchers and advisors using and studying PA technology, showing how PA can be used to improve the management across many agricultural industries

A must-attend event aimed at all  farmers, advisers and researchers.

Sphere Drones will be demonstrating their UAV technology

The aim is to showcase their UAVs and data analytics to the Australian sugar industry.

Sphere Drones is an industry leader in UAVs aerial imagery based data to help industries make informed decisions. The company is an expert in both long range UAV manufacture and data processing.

Sphere Drones delivers end to end solutions, from data acquisition to business analysis. Sphere Drones provides data analytics over many sectors including: agriculture and forestry, emergency, mines and quarries, oil and gas, powerlines, railways and roads.

Sphere Drones have skills in:

  • undertaking high-speed data for phenotyping of crop trials in agriculture.
  • providing specific information on plant gaps, emergence quality, plant population assessment, plant response to a treatments and reporting of different spectral indices, in agriculture (especially in sugarcane).

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