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Introduction to Drones: Sub 2kg – November Workshop

14 October, 2018 | Events | Date:

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Event Overview

In a world where drone use is rapidly moving from consumer to multi-million dollar commercial use, there has never been a better time to create your own professional drone enterprise.  Of course not all aspiring commercial drone operators can afford the time or resources to secure a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) or Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).  The good news is there is a quick and cost-effective way to get yourself into the paid commercial drone space.

If you are yet to secure your own drone, don’t quite feel you have the experience to move from hobby to commercial, or would really like to better understand the rules and regulations set out by CASA – then this comprehensive workshop is for you. 

Workshop inclusions: $350 

  • You’ll be immersed and learn all the rules and skills for flying safely, legally and professionally
  • You’ll learn the Rules for Safe and Legal Professional Flights including:
    • Introduction to the Standard Operating Conditions and Air Law
    • Multi-rotor aerodynamics
    • LiPo battery management
    • Aircraft systems
    • Emergency management and failsafes
  • Introduction to the DJI Flight Control application
  • You’ll learn from and keep a comprehensive and tailored training manual that you can use as a reference when in the field
  • You’ll enjoy ongoing access to our comprehensive online resources

Places are strictly limited so register interest now!