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YellowScan - EDU CloudStation Terrain Module Annual Subscription


Email us at or call us on 1800 119 111 to purchase this product.

Terrain: export classified point clouds from the CloudStation® LiDAR software.

The Terrain module is providing a better and simplified experience for the customers to extract classified point cloud, this leads to more efficiency and time saving.

Key benefits:

  • Export classified LAS
  • Generate hillshade of your DTM
  • Automatic classification of points as “ground/non-ground”
  • Export Digital Model from your classified point cloud as GeoTIFF (geolocalized TIFF): DSM, DTM, DHM.

- 10 seat floating license running on top of CloudStation Core – for Educational & Research purposes
- Annual subscription including maintenance (support & updates)

Important: needs to be renewed annually!