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Matrice 200 V2 - Part 03 Cendence S Remote Controller

Matrice 200 V2 - Part 03 Cendence S Remote Controller
Matrice 200 V2 - Part 03 Cendence S Remote Controller

Matrice 200 V2 - Part 03 Cendence S Remote Controller

In Stock SKU: DJIM200V2-03 Key Features:

Wheels, switches and buttons

The two adjustable buttons on the front control the vertical tilt and the panoramic axis of the gondola. The switches on the left and right and the focus adjustment button allow you to customize the flight controller and camera settings in real time. This allows you to control focus and aperture.

Camera settings

If you want to change the camera settings quickly, it is possible to configure several shortcut buttons to reach certain menus or to save the most frequent settings.

Custom orders

The configurable buttons directly activate or deactivate the most used functions such as highlighted focus, light spectrum, obstacle avoidance, reset of the starting point or even the possibility of closing the warning messages that appear in flight, all without going through the application.

Button combinations

Turn the dials or activate the switches while pressing certain buttons to control the roll of the nacelle, the shutter speed, the aperture or even the ISO.

Detachable design, CrystalSky compatibility

The CrystalSky monitor attaches to the Cendence remote control using the monitor mounting bracket.

The antennas, the printed circuit, the mounting bracket and the battery of the Cendence are all removable in order to facilitate the material improvement and thus personalize the radio control according to the DJI product that you use.

Two operator control

When it comes to controlling the camera with precision, the Cendence can connect, as a master or student radio control, to the classic Inspire 2 radio control or to another Cendence.

Multiple ports

  1. The SDI and HDMI ports can broadcast in 1080i50 and 720p60.
  2. Connect the DJI Focus, the Tracktenna antenna or other compatible accessories via the CAN port. The Tracktenna ensures stable transmission over long distances at frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. When connected to the Inspire 2, the Tracktenna achieves a data transmission speed of 10 Mb / s up to a distance of 2 km (1.24 mi), and therefore significantly improves the quality of the video downlink .
  3. The standard USB port allows you to connect other mobile devices.

Feeding system

The Cendence uses a detachable battery that operates for approximately four hours. If the battery is discharged, replace it with another charged one or charge the Cendence directly via the power port. These are the same batteries that provide power to CrystalSky monitors, for better synergy between products.

Multiple Accessories

Practical accessories facilitate the use of the Cendence.

The Cendence harness transfers the weight of the radio control to the shoulders for longer flight sessions.

Joystick protectors prevent dust from entering the joysticks, ensuring reliable and pleasant control for longer.

The mobile device holder is interchangeable allowing you to attach a smartphone or tablet in place of the CrystalSky monitor.

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The original idea of ​​the Cendence radio control is the perfect integration with the Inspire 2, the Tracktenna and CrystalSky. The crucial element of this approach is to fully exploit the potential and applications of the Inspire 2 thanks to the modularity of the components and controls of the Cendence.

Cendence Remote Control × 1

WB37 Smart Battery × 1

Cendence Screen Mounting Bracket × 1 Cendence Remote Control

Harness × 1

Screwdriver × 1

Screw × 2

Cendence Control Handle Cover × 2

Protective Attachment Screw for Cendence Control Joystick × 1

Remote control strap × 1

Patch antenna for Cendence × 1

Compatible with:

Inspire 2

Matrice 200 Series

Smart Battery CrystalSky

Cendence - Mobile device support