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Gremsy H16 Gimbal

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Gremsy H16 is a state-of-the-art product designed especially for professional film makers. Features latest technologies in advanced stabilization and motor control gives ultra-smooth footage in the most extreme conditions. Handling payload up to 16lbs allows to run RED EPIC, Arri Mini or F55 and Cinema lenses at ease for the very high demand production.

Gremsy H16 gimbalx1Circular Quick Releasex1Handle with standx1Hardcasex1Wifi modulex1Mini USB cablex1Connecting monitorx2Joystick modulex1Slide Camerax1Camera Rodsx1Camera Srewsx2Allen key 2 - 2,5 - 3 - 5 (mm)x1gPower 4S/3400mAh batteryx2gPower 4S chargerx1Battery Voltage Checkgerx1SBUSx1