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ERL10-KIT1 RS485 Lightning Alarm Package

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• 1, 2 or 3 alarms levels (Red, Red/Yellow, Red/Orange/Yellow)
• All Clear output (Green)
• Fully configurable alarm distances, durations and high electric field levels
• 20 miles / 32 km range
• High electric field alarm warns of conditions where first strike is more likely to occur
• Fault output indicates status of the system
• Status Monitor software shows current alarm state and minutes:seconds until All Clear
• USB port for configuration and/or Status Monitor software
• Optional fiber optic connection between sensor and ERL-10 for remote mounted EFM-100 sensor

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High accuracy short range detection with modifiable output relay switches and time/status display software.

In the box:

    ERL-10 Parts:
A/B USB Cable
RS485 Cable (3 Wire)
120/220V AC Power Adapter
DIN Rail Clip
Status Monitor software for Windows

    EFM-100C Parts:
EFA-21 Power/Data Module
6 x Attenuator Plugs
100 Foot (30m) Cat5e Power/Data Cable
A/B USB Cable
120/220V AC Power Adapter
Grounding Wire
DIN rail clip for EFA-21
EFM-100 Display software for Windows
Inverted mounting mast*, shroud, Inverted EFM-100 cover, Junction box, Silicone grease, and a Pole Mount Bracket or Tripod

ERL-10 Output Relay Module

EFM-100 Short Range Detector

Mounting hardware included:

*Custom mounting masts available