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DJI Ronin-S - Part 04 IR Control Cable

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  • This RSS IR control cable can be used for cameras that have an infrared receiver. Insert one end of this cable into the Ronin-S camera control port (RSS port) and adjust the cable so that the infrared ray of the RSS IR control cable is directed towards the camera receiver. Once the connection is properly established, you can, via the camera control button, access functions such as video recording, taking photos, and much more

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This RSS IR Control Cable can be used with cameras that feature an infrared receiver. Insert one end of this cable into the Camera Control Port (RSS Port) of the Ronin-S, and adjust the cable so its IR diode is pointed to the cameras IR receiver. A successful connection will enable camera control via the Ronin-S Camera Control Button, giving you access to functions like video recording, photo taking, and more.

In the box:

x 1 RSS IR control cable for Ronin-S

Length: 30mm