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Nero Poli Water Sampler

Nero Poli Water Sampler
Nero Poli Water Sampler

Nero Poli Water Sampler

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Building upon the DNA of the PWSV1 & PWSV2, Sphere is proud to present the new and improved PWSV3. Capable of taking 5 separate 100ml, 250l, or 500ml samples, the PWSV3 represents a more modular, scalable approach to UAV based water sampling than previously seen in the existing market. One-way flushing functionality between each collected sample ensures that your samples will remain uncontaminated right the way through your mission, providing a reliable result every time. The proprietary remote paired with the PWSV3 also allows you to tailor your sampling workflow to suit your needs, ensuring that your mission will run its course exactly how you intend, no matter the aircraft platform. In this manual we outline the components included in the box, hardware setup, remote operation and flight recommendations to get you sampling.


  • 3.7kg Empty
  • 4.9kg Filled

Power: 18v Max Input

Dimensions: 220mm x 240mm x 350mm


  • DJI Matrice 600/600 Pro