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Acecore Technologies / Drones

Acecore Zetona

  • 26-minute flight time w/ Sony A7r iv
  • Front-mounted 2-axis gimbal
  • Redundant propulsion system
  • F9P RTK
  • ADS-B transponder
  • LiDAR obstacle avoidance
  • AES256 encrypted radio link
SKU: Acecore-Zetona
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Acecore Zetona’s front-mounted 2-axis gimbal gives operators an unobstructed view from top to bottom, from Zenith to Nadir. Though highly portable, the system is capable of stabilising and controlling the 60-megapixel Sony A7r iv with an endurance of 26 minutes.

True Precision

Zetona was built as the inspection tool for high-value and high-risk inspections. Its F9P, L1/ L2 RTK precision positioning works with the 4 or 8 oversized engines to hold the system at a nearly completely still position in the air.

Mapping Mode

Operators have full camera control over the Sony A7r IV, all settings are accessed remotely and the camera automatically geotags each image’s EXIF data during a mapping mission. The integrated 2-axis gimbal tilts 90 degrees downwards on command.

Adaptable Control

The Zoe Zetona comes with an optimised workflow for single and dual-operator setups. The pilot-in-command is able to control and trigger the camera completely independently. When a camera operator joins the mission, he is given not only control of all the camera’s functions but has the ability to yaw the drone as well. Of course, without the PIC ever losing override control over the drone’s movements.

Redundant Propulsion System

The all-new coaxial propulsion system fits in the same housing as the quadcopter motor, leaving the system light and easy to deploy. While the standard quadcopter configuration is already powerful enough to deal with any challenge, having 8 engines further improves flight performance, stability and overall safety.


Maximum gross take-off weight 11.95kg
Maximum payload weight 2.2kg
Minimum standard empty weight 4.95kg


Frame dimensions 700x675x340mm
Rotor-to-rotor diagonal distance 940mm
Diameter with propellers 978,5mm
Height up to the bottom plate 125mm
Ground clearance from the bottom of the propeller 130mm


Energy type Electrical
Number of motors 8
Motor type Acecore MN-COAX360
Operating voltage Up to 50V
Motor continuous power 2000W
Idle speed 380RPM/V
Number of ESCs 8
Maximum continuous current draw 55A


Material Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic ( CFRP) / foamed core 3K Twill weave
Propeller setup 4 CW and 4 CCW propeller
Propeller type
  • 18x6. 5-inch foldable propeller
  • 18x6. 5-inch fixed propeller


Vibration isolation system Vertical wire damper system
Mounting options Front mounted payload
Mounting system Depending on user preference
Battery rack Top of centerpiece


Flight controller Cube flight controller
Version Orange
Operating temperatures -40°C to + 85°C

Flight battery

Energy type Electrical
Battery Lithium Polymer
Recommended make and models Tattu 17000mAh
Nominal battery voltage 22.2 V/ 6S
Minimum battery quantity 2 battery packs parallel
Maximum battery voltage 25.2V
Minimum average battery voltage 21.0V

Weather limitations

Maximum operating temperature +50°C
Minimum operating temperature -15°C
Maximum flight endurance 26 min @ 1.6KG payload
Maximum wind speed 25 knots
Maximum wind gusts 31 knots
Maximum precipitation Moderate rain conditions, although it is recommended to fly in dry conditions.
Maximum downfall 10 mm/h, 30mm/3h

Flight limitations

Maximum pitch/ roll angle 45 Degrees from horizontal
Maximum yaw rate 150 Degrees a second
Maximum flight speed 91km/h horizontal
Flight modes
  • GPS mode
  • Attitude mode
  • Auto mode
  • Brake mode
  • Stabilise mode
Typical ascent 5m/s
Typical descent 4m/s
Hovering accuracy Vertical 0.05m/ Horizontal 0.05m
RTL cruise speed Variable from 3 m/s to 9 m/s

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Talk to us about Acecore Zetona

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

Talk to us about Acecore Zetona

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.