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Boston Dynamics Spot

Automate sensing and inspection, capture limitless data, and explore without boundaries.


360° perception: Use 360° perception to map terrain and avoid obstacles as they appear.

Balanced dynamically: Balance dynamically in uncertain surroundings with payloads of up to 14kg.

Mobile: Cruise over loose gravel, grass, curbs, and stairs.


Pre-built solutions: Utilise pre-built solutions from an existing network of third-party software and hardware providers.

Attach and integrate: Attach and integrate unique outside hardware using mounting rails and payload ports.

Use the SDK: Use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to create custom controls, program autonomous missions, and integrate sensor inputs into data analysis tools.


Strong: Carry and power up to 14kg of inspection equipment.

Easy to control: Control the robot from afar using an intuitive tablet application and built-in stereo cameras.

Smart: Program repeatable autonomous missions to gather consistent data.

Payloads for Spot

A number of payloads are available to fit out your Spot so it is ready for a variety of situations.

Spot bundle options

We have a range of bundle options to help you get the most out of Boston Dynamics' Spot as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

Use cases

How can Spot fit into your business? Check out some of Spot's use cases below to get a taste of its capabilities.

Case studies

Get to know Spot and the great work its already doing in Australia and around the world.

Heading down under with Woodside

Woodside, the largest Australian natural gas producer, has three top priorities at its processing facilities: safety, reliability, and efficiency – in that order. Gas processing plants are complex, potentially hazardous sites, with an array of equipment that needs to be continuously monitored and inspected...

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Going underground at Kidd Creek Mine

Kidd Creek Mine is an ultra-deep mine in northern Ontario, Canada. We mine metal, so copper, zinc, silver, and we're one of the deepest in the world, closest to the centre of the earth. We’re a large operation, with large equipment, and large openings that we need to inspect on a regular basis...

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Improving safety at oil giant BP

In 2020 bp, an integrated global energy business with over 70,000 employees, set out to reach net-zero emissions by the year 2050, while simultaneously boosting employee safety and operational efficiency. To get there, one of bp’s safety objectives is to find more ways to remove employees from potentially hazardous situations and environments.

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Interested in Spot?

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