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Our Expert Team Provide Advice, Hardware and Specialist Knowledge in the Drone Industry.

Drone technology is rapidly moving into the commercial sector with multiple industries recognising the limitless potential drones can bring to their operation. Sphere Drones is arguably Australia’s leading organisation in this space with skills and experience across mining, oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, surveying, search and rescue and photography to name a few.

By Industry


Architecture & Real Estate




Oil & Gas

Photography & Cinematography

Search & Rescue

Security & Surveillance




By Application

2D Modelling

Capturing on-demand maps has become as simple as clicking a button on the remote controller of a drone.

3D Modelling

Before drones companies relied on stereoscopic maps and handheld systems to produce low-quality and expensive 3D models of buildings or structures.


BVLOS is a key part of many drone operations and will be at the heart of all flights

Drone Delivery

It is without a doubt that drone delivery will be a common sight within the near future!

External Asset Inspection

Inspecting external assets can be pricey and not very safe for those involved. Drones allow inspection teams to stay on the ground and inspect assets from the drone's controller.

Gas Detection

Drones do extremely well when it comes to exploring dangerous areas and detecting poisonous gases.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Equipping a drone with an hyperspectral imaging sensor allows for objects to easily be found and identification of materials or processes.

Internal Asset Inspection

Small, tight, and hard to reach spaces are a health and safety nightmare for inspection teams to enter.


LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging is a way of remotely detecting the distance of objects by pulsing a laser and measuring the amount of time it takes for it to return to the sensor.


Now, UAVs are the most powerful tool for safely capturing accurate aerial data quickly. Importantly, they can also create aerial maps and 360-degree virtual tours in real time, even before they’ve landed.


Monitoring from the ground or helicopter can become expensive very quickly and won't always give the results you are looking for.

Multispectral Imaging

A multispectral payload measures light emissions to capture as much data as possible in a single image.


Equipping a photogrammetry payload onto a drone allows for highly accurate measurements of real world objects.


Crop-spraying is a very expensive and dangerous job, flying low to the ground and requiring a costly plane.

Tethered Operations

In some cases a drone will need to be up in the air for more than an hour or two. This is where a tether system comes into play.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the largest use cases for drone at the moment.

Water Sampling

Water sampling drones are allowing companies and government agencies to better understand what is flowing through the water ways in a much safer and shorter amount of time.


The great part about drones is that there are new applications being thought of every day. If you have an idea for an application that isn't mentioned above, reach out to us via the contact page or live chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.