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Security & Surveillance

Public safety takes precedence in any community, and at Sphere Drones, we have the best range of advanced UAVs to assist in both small and large surveillance and threat detection operations.   

To combat the dramatic increase in crime and potentially suspicious or unusual behaviour in urban areas, the police force and investigation agencies now need to be more agile, alert and accurate than ever before.   

Investigative teams are able use our drones to execute swift aerial inspections, and some drones even allow the deployment of heavy, large sensor cameras for complex situations. Advanced technology empowers teams to instantly assess any people of interest, while the high-resolution image capturing features provide unparalleled detail in post-inspection analysis.

Also, police officers on the move can also use our range of smaller UAVs, which can easily be attached to a vehicle. These provide police officers with access to situational evidence and security, enabling them to act appropriately and swiftly.  

If your investigative agency or police department requires advanced surveillance technology, speak to our knowledgeable, experienced team today.

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