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Your Destination for Quality Icom Radio Products in Australia

As those in the field know, the venerable Japanese firm Icom are the unmatched leaders when it comes to amateur HAM radio equipment. Succeeding on the strength of their innovative, original design and high standards of quality, Icom have always been known for delivering excellence. With their speciality lying in compact, solid-state radio equipment, their ever-expanding product line now includes other communications equipment related to ultra-high-frequency (UHF) transmissions, land mobile, wide band receivers, avionics, and general networking. Browse our extensive catalogue of Icom products online. 

A range of hard wearing Icom radios on offer

We are currently carrying Icom mobile radios, power supplies, handheld radios, headset adapters and more, all of which benefit from reliable Icom construction and sturdy cases to be proof against the elements. If you’re buying a two-way radio from us, consider also picking up some Icom-branded accessories for maximum compatibility. Their selection of antennas, chargers, battery packs, and microphones have been top sellers.

Icom radios have a resounding record of endorsement and use by many prominent organisations around the world. You can find their products in use on oil rigs, at security conventions, in the halls of the United States Department of Defence and on the ground with the U.S. Marine Corps. When Icom radios are trusted for such important tasks in the world’s highest-pressure situations, you know that they’ll do the job you need them to.

We supply to major airlines, security companies, pubs, sporting teams and more.