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Dry Sewer Inspection

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What is a sewer inspection?

Infrastructure must be inspected regularly to detect any issues early on and ensure everything is running smoothly, this includes sewer systems. Humans often inspect sewer systems, resulting in potentially dangerous situation and slower inspections. Drones are the perfect next step to increase efficiency, safety while keeping long term costs low.

How does a sewer inspection work?

  1. A manhole cover is opened and a Flyability Elios 2 is sent into the sewer. Thanks to the powerful lighting system and smart modes the drone can easily detect any cracks or weakness in the structure.
  2. The drone is flown manually, inspecting every centimetre of the sewer system. A team on the surface inspect the data in real-time and tag anything that doesn't look right for a further inspection.
  3. Once complete the drone comes back to the surface, completely keeping humans out of the sewer.

Benefits of using drones

  • Dangerous or inaccessible areas can now be accessed, allowing a much higher percentage of the sewer system to be inspected.
  • Humans are removed from potentially dangerous situations while getting improved data to create actions from.
  • Inspection efficiency is increased as drones, such as the Flyability Elios 2 can be deployed within minutes and multiple can be used to speed the process up even more.

Source: Flyability

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