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Security Patrols

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What are security patrols?

Security patrols are necessary for high value targets and facilities to ensure they are kept protected at all times. This comes with a cost of always needing security guards on premises and placing them in a potentially dangerous situation, not to mention needing to have multiple shifts ready to go.

How do security patrols work?

  1. A drone, such as one from Skydio is sat in a dock that charges it and transfers data. When a request is made or its time for a regular patrol the dock will open and the drone flies out.
  2. The drone will follow a pre-planned route taking photos and recording video along the way. This data will be fed back to an operator in real-time and feed through an AI system to detect anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Once the patrol is complete the drone comes back to land, the dock closes, it transfers the data over and charges up ready for the next patrol.

Benefits of using drones

  • Patrolling frequency can be increased as the drones can be sent up at the same time or as one comes to land the other goes out.
  • Drones completely remove people from dangerous situations, possibly saving lives and improving patrols.
  • Drones can get up into the air in seconds and be on the other side of a facility within minutes, making for fast responses and a portable pair of eyes in the sky when required.

Image: Skydio

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