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Medical, Blood & Vaccine Delivery

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Medical delivery drones are one of the most popular uses today, especially in rural areas that are hard to reach by ground and expensive by air.

What is medical delivery by drone?

Medical deliveries by drone consist of a drone delivering medication, blood, organs, blood tests, samples, anti-venom, vaccines, and anything else medical between hospitals or to a patient that urgently needs to be treated. Due to the nature of the goods being transported medical delivery drones will have climate-controlled compartments.

How does medical delivery work?

  1. A hospital or doctor will usually put in a request for a delivery, stating what is needed, the quantity, and the severity of the request.
  2. A drone at a nearby hospital or launch site will then get packed, the flight plan loaded, and sent on its way.
  3. The drone will arrive at the delivery site and either use a parachute or a tether to lower the package down to the ground.
  4. The patient can then get treated in a much tighter time for much less.

Benefits of using drones

  • Drones can respond to a patient's need for blood or medication much quicker the delivering by ground and other air methods.
  • Medications and blood can be transported between hospitals with ease.
  • Increases delivery radius by skipping roads, traffic, and the need to stop for breaks etc.
  • Lowers delivery costs by removing, or partly removing the need for a driver and delivery vehicle.

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