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Haulage Road Monitoring

Updated on 18 October, 2021 | Use Cases

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What is Haulage Road Monitoring?

Haulage road monitoring is a key step to ensure the safety of a mine site. Haulage roads are used to transport materials in and out of an aera being mined, this results in heavy loads and usage which can wear away at the road surface over time. Drones are used to monitor and detect changes in the haulage roads over time.

How does Haulage Road Monitoring work?

  1. The road maintenance team will send a drone up on a recurring schedule.
  2. The drone can either be flow autonomously or manually while recording and taking photos of the haulage roads and vehicles on them.
  3. This image data is then taken back and looked over to check for any road damage, which allows the team to determine a next step.

Benefits of Using Drones

  • Drones can be quickly deployed to check on the haulage road and report back to the road team.
  • Using a drone cost less than having to call in a helicopter or surveying plane to assess the haulage roads.
  • The frequency and length of monitoring can be increased when using multiple batteries or a tethered drone.

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