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Food & Grocery Delivery

Updated on 20 September, 2021 | Use Cases

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Last mile delivery is often brought up when it comes to drones, in this case being used to deliver food to customers, either from cafes and restaurants or grocery stores.

What is food delivery by drone?

Delivering food by drone is the same as delivering food any other way just using a drone for a majority or the whole journey. Orders that are delivered by drones usually consist of a single meal or a few things you might need but don't want to travel to get, this is mostly due to the carrying capacity of drones currently on the market.

How does food delivery by drone work?

There are two common ways food is delivered by drones. The first few steps are the same with both methods, with the final leg of the journey changing a little.

  1. A customer makes an order, and their order is set aside for the next available drone.
  2. The order is then packed into the drone and the drone takes off, already programmed with the flight plan.
  3. The drone arrives at its drop-off location either at the customer's house and the delivery is complete. Or at a nearby depot where a delivery driver is waiting, picks up the food, and delivers it to your door.

Benefits of using drones

  • Lowers delivery costs by removing, or partly removing the need for a driver and delivery vehicle.
  • Speeds up deliveries by flying straight to the drop off location, avoiding traffic and needing to follow roads.
  • Reduce the amount of contact between the delivery team and the customer.
  • Increases delivery radius by skipping roads, traffic, and the need to stop for breaks etc.