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Bird Deterrent

Josh Spires | 21 December, 2021 | Use Cases

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Deterring birds away from an area is a never-ending task that often requires a dedicated team to get the job done. Deterring birds from dangerous areas or toxic bodies of water can be expensive and time consuming with the current methods available and don't always work. This is where drones come in.

What is Bird Deterrent?

Deterring birds often involves creating an environment that is uncomfortable for a bird to stay in. This often means creating startling noises and noises that birds are known to dislike with guns and sirens.

How does Bird Deterrent work?

  1. A drone is equipped with a siren that outputs frequencies birds are known not to like.
  2. The drone is then sent over an area where there are birds, and the siren is turned on.
  3. Almost immediately the birds will fly away and the drone lands. The birds will eventually return after a while.
  4. This process is repeated regularly to ensure birds and other wildlife don't spend too much time in contaminated waters.

Benefits of using drones

  • Doesn't require a person to fire a gun near birds, which could result in a bird accidentally getting killed or the person injured.
  • A lot more effective that other methods as the drone can get much closer and target hard-to-reach areas.

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