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DJI Agras T10 & Agras T30 launch in Australia

Josh Spires | 11 August, 2021 | Newsroom

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The T30 is DJI’s next-generation aircraft, boasting a revolutionary transforming structure and a max payload of up to 40kg. The performance and efficient of spraying operations have never been better. The T10 uses the same next-generation, technology in drone but has a smaller payload of up to 10kg.

The advantage of the T10 is a farmer does not need a license to fly the drone on their own property. The T30 can spray up to 40 acres an hour, or up to 1 ton of fertilizer per hour with the option spreader attachment. The new spreading system adopts a multi-layer oil seal protection to improve corrosion resistance from fertilizers and can be directly washed with water.

During the operation, pilots are most concerned about flight safety issues. T30 is equipped with the industry’s first spherical radar system, which can detect obstacles in all directions and all-weather without being affected by light, water mist, and dust. It can bypass obstacles or avoid obstacles autonomously, making flying safer.

The T30 is also equipped with dual FPV cameras. The pilot can easily grasp the scene of the aircraft from the screen during flight, making the flight more secure. At the same time, the area of the camera head is increased by 3 times, combined with the bright searchlight, night work is more assured.

The T10 is equipped with a 10L working box, standard with 4 pressure nozzles, and the spray width can reach 5.5 meters. In the main structure, the truss-type fuselage made of carbon fiber composite materials is lightweight and ensures the strength of the whole machine. The new folding structure reduces the volume by 70% after folding. It supports quick insertion and removal of the operation box, simple transportation, and easier transfer operations.

Compared with other crop protection machines of the same level on the market, the T10 is not only lighter in size, but also leading in terms of safety configuration and reliability. It inherits the “high specifications” of T30, comes standard with RTK, front and rear dual FPV, spherical radar system, and IP67 protection. In terms of battery chargers, T10’s smart battery also has up to 1,000 safe cycles. When used with a smart charging station, two power sources can be operated continuously.

If you are interested in finding out more about the T30 and T30 contact our sales team today, via our contact page or using the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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