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These DJI drones will stop being supported from March 2022

15 December, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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DJI has announced a list of enterprise drones, flight controllers, gimbals, and other parts that it will stop supporting from March 2022. A majority of these products are fairly old but are still in use by many today.

What does this mean?

When DJI says it will stop supporting the following products it means the following.

  • Product enquires will no longer be provided.
  • Technical support will no longer be provided.
  • Maintenance will no longer be provided.

Why has DJI done it?

According to a forum post from a DJI official, the company said the following:

Subject to technological developments and changes in product usage requirements, each generation of electronic products has a fixed life cycle. To continuously provide you with premium products and service experiences, DJI regularly optimises resource allocations to promote the development and application of new products and technologies. We hereby inform you that we will stop providing support services for the following products and their accessories starting on March 1, 2022.

  Module Product Name Production Suspension Time Service Suspension Time
Main Controller Naza-H 2016/8/12 2022/3/1            
Main Controller WooKong-M 2018/5/1 2022/3/1
Main Controller WooKong-H 2018/5/1 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter AVL 58 Video Transmitter 2015/12/21 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter DJI Lightbridge 2016/11/30 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter N1 Video Encoder 2019/5/1 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter DT7 & DR16 RC System 2016/1/1 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter iOSD MARK II 2016/1/1 2022/3/1
Video & Radio Transmitter iOSD Mini 2016/1/1 2022/3/1
Propulsion System E305 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Propulsion System E310 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Propulsion System E800 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Propulsion System E1200 Standard / E1200 Pro 2018/5/1 2022/3/1
Propulsion System Takyon Z660 / Z650 / Z14120 / Z425-M /   Z415-M / Z318 / Z420 2018/1/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse H3-3D 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse H4-3D 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse H3-2D 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-GH3 / Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD) 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-5D / Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD) 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-N7 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-A7 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-G2 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC 2017/3/1 2022/3/1
Drone DJI Wind 2 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Drone DJI Wind 1 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Drone Spreading Wings S900 2018/9/1 2022/3/1
Drone Spreading Wings S1000+ 2018/9/1 2022/3/1
Drone Flame Wheel ARF KIT F550 / F450 / F330 2017/5/1 2022/3/1
Software DJI XT Pro App 2018/5/25 2022/3/1
Others Drone Speaker for DJI Wind Series 2019/5/1 2022/3/1
Others DJI Supply Box 2019/11/1 2022/3/1
Others Guidance 2018/4/1 2022/3/1
Others Hesai CS-HS01 2016/1/1 2022/3/1


Source: DJI, Table via DroneDJ

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